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The "Colorado Deer" drawing was completed in 2018 by artist Cherie L. Smittle featuring a Deer Silhouette with 2 mountain scenes; one from the artists hike to Chinns Lake and Fall River Reservoir and the other from her Mailbox hike.  The entire scene is set inside the Colorado flag.

Deer are abundant where the artist lives and can often be found walking through her property snacking on wild raspberries.  Her encounters with them inspired her drawing. However, it was not complete until she added a mountain range inside the deer.  She decided the mountains near Chinns Lake and Fall River Reservoir were a perfect complement to the deer.  The hike to the lake and reservoir is beautiful with a meandering river most of the way.  When you reach the water, you are greeted by this massive mountain range framed by evergreens.  It is a great area to pause and take in God's creation. 

The artist wanted to create a different look than the Oh My Deer! piece so she set the entire scene in the Colorado flag and added a mountain range from her mailbox hike in the Arapahoe National Forest.  She loves the view from the mailbox as it overlooks Loch Lomond, another of her favorite hikes.  To make her Colorado Flag image even more unique she made the C have a stained-glass look.

Chinns Lake hiking information:
Fall River Reservoir hiking information:
Mailbox (Rock House) hike information:

Sticker size: 4.22x3"

This image is offered as a Vinyl Sticker that is dishwasher safe, weatherproof and scratch-resistant, it will not crack, fade or peel for years to come.

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