Sticker : Warrior III - Yoga Elephant

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About the artwork: The artist watched the Holiday movie Holiday in the Wild which inspired her to create a piece featuring an elephant.  being passionate about mountains she thought it would be cool to add K2, the world's tallest mountain which is located in Pakistan and Nepal.  That gave her the idea to have the elephant stand on the world positioned to both of those locations.  As for the Warrior III yoga pose the artist felt like we need to be warriors for elephants and this is the most difficult of the Warrior poses.  The triangles and circle help tie everything together.

Sticker Size: 2.24"x3”

Original Medium: Adobe Fresco and Illustrator, digital drawing 
Date Released: 12/2022

NOTE: This image is offered as a Vinyl Sticker that is dishwasher safe, weatherproof and scratch-resistant, it will not crack, fade or peel for years to come.