Sticker : Glitter Bigfoot (Level X Hide N Seek Master)

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About the artwork: Level X Hide N Seek Master CAUGHT!  Yes, you read it right, we caught BigFoot (aka Yeti and Sasquatch) sneaking around in the Colorado mountains (Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs) when the Blood Moon was making an appearance. 

Hide-and-seek: can you find the Orion constellation? 

Recently BigFoot was spotted in Durango Colorado after making his way from Idaho Springs.  Watch the video here.

Sticker Size: 2.2"x3"

Original Medium: Adobe Fresco and Photoshop, digital drawing 

NOTE: This image is offered as a Vinyl Sticker that is dishwasher safe, weatherproof and scratch-resistant, it will not crack, fade or peel for years to come.

The glitter sticker is not dishwasher safe but is weatherproof and scratch-resistant.