Original Art: Commissioned : Small Ornament/Keychain

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Each small ornament/keychain is hand burned and/or painted.  If you decide you want it to be a keychain you can choose from a variety of lanyards.  1.57"-1.96" wide in size.

If you are interested in a commissioned piece, please contact the artist @ TheArtist@CherieSmittleArt.com with your idea.

Please Include:

  • Size you are looking for
  • Ideas of what you want included, i.e. names/text, specific mountain range, type animal(s), type of moon (full, crescent), type of flower, etc...
  • Reference pictures

You will receive a sketch of the artwork prior to burning, painting, or carving.  The artist will then send you an invoice to remit half the payment before starting on the piece.  When you are happy with the final project she will send you the final invoice for the second half of the payment.

*** Taxes and shipping are in addition to the agreed upon price.