Greeting Cards : Floral African Queen with Butterfly (Brown Background)

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Say Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, I’m Sorry, Get Well Soon or You Rock My World with Cherie Smittle Art cards. These cards are intentionally left blank so you can send a handwritten heartfelt message using regular ballpoint pens showing you really care.  

These high quality matte paper cards are digitally printed using inkjet printers on 111 lb. card stock with triple coating to boost to the contrast of the image. This allows for flawless ink transfer and adhesion resulting in exceptional image quality with very little glare. The complimentary envelope is also made of thick premium quality paper to complete these fantastic cards.

About the artwork: This African Queen wears a crown of peony flowers representing love, honor, and beauty. A glittering gold butterfly representing change sits on her shoulder. She is a powerful woman whose mission is to change the world; putting an emphasis on equality for all human races. She is resolute in her mission and will not back down. Are you ready to join her fight?

Printed on demand and shipped within 2-3 business days (US customers can expect to receive within 7 business days of ordering). Production not affected by Covid-19. Does not qualify for free shipping.